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Your hand in mine, we walk the miles.

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Marta Klonowska (b. 1964, Warsaw, Poland) - Animal sculptures made from shattered glass pieces. Represented by: Lorch + Seide Gallery.

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Tag Game

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1. What is your favorite historical era? The Middle Ages, especially the early Middle Ages/the Viking Age.
2. What do you believe is your best skill? Don’t be modest now. Hmm… I’ve always been really good with animals. I’m also a good writer and a better-than-average artist. I’m a pretty good horseback rider as well. :)
3. What color are your eyes? They sort of fluctuate between blue, green, and gray, depending on the light and what I’m wearing.
4. What three countries would you most like to visit? New Zealand, Ireland, and some Scandinavian country (possibly Norway, Sweden, Iceland).
5. Favorite song, presently? Going to California, by Led Zeppelin.
6. Favorite movie? Wayne’s World.
7. Do you like going on hikes into the woods? I like wandering through wild woods, but I’m not a big fan of hiking on trails and stuff.
8. What is your favorite animal? This one’s tough… Some of my favorites are bears, wolves, horses, and dogs. I also like lions and tigers.
9. Would you rather live in a big city, or a small town/village? Small town or rural, definitely.
10. Tropical weather, or snowy winters? Winter, a thousand times winter.
And one for kicks… Have you ever been bitten by a snake, and if so, venomous or nonvenomous? I feel like I probably have been bitten by a nonvenomous one at some point. Certainly some lizards and other various reptiles. Never a venomous one though.

And now my questions:

1. Favorite band?

2. Favorite food?

3. What countries have you been to?

4. Favorite season?

5. What do you wear to sleep?

6. To what religion do you belong, if any?

7. Favorite class in school?

8. Favorite soda?

9. Shorts or long pants?

10. Have you ever broken a bone?

And one for kicks… What’s your favorite charitable organization/cause?

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim „Heart of Iron“ - screenshot by Dead End Thrills

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"I loved them before they got popular"


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Robert Plant backstage at The Forum, LA on September 4, 1970.

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i dont remember where i found this photo, but i thought it was a great picture. 



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