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Your hand in mine, we walk the miles.

Look what came in the mail yesterday!! I’m so excited!! Its a nice quality pewter Valknut, plus the rune ring, from Nirvana jewelry. It’s kind of 3-D, so the Valknut is raised and it looks really cool :) (Which pretty much makes up for the fact that it’s not double-sided.) Plus it came with a little information card that mentioned Asatru, which is pretty cool I think. It said something like “the Valknut is an important symbol in Asatru: the ancient religion of the Norse people that still exists to this day.”

Look at these cuties!! Mockingbirds made a nest in our orange tree! I think there are three. Sorry about the shitty picture, Mama got really mad when I tried to move the leaves to get a better look. She’s very protective—she’s dived at me, my dad, and my boyfriend so far haha.

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Rohan concept sketches
Alan Lee

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Rajesh napping

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